Things I’ve heard time and time again: stay in your lane, don’t quit your day job, be careful what you wish for and walk in YOUR light. Be it known, I do understand that MOST mean well when they state things like this, however, there’s power in the words we speak. These statements are ambiguous and can turn a dreamer into a sheep; we don’t need sheep, we need leaders! If you can’t tell (lol), I dislike the aforementioned directives for a few reasons:

1. Staying in your lane is equivalent to putting all of your eggs in one basket. I do understand that we should work tirelessly toward refining our natural gifts and talents, but this does not mean we should be confined to any one lane. Be dauntless, step outside of the box or into another lane! Try something new! Your life, your rules! Charge forth!

2. Don’t quit your day job = One of the most demeaning and dehumanizing statements I’ve ever heard; it wreaks of fear. Fear that others relish in and subconsciously spew onto those around them! In addition, I’ve quit several day jobs for my dream… pretty damn good jobs too. My sanity, livelihood and spirit are far too great to be restricted by an unfulfilling 9-5. And the same goes for you!

3. Be careful what you wish for. Simple change: Be SELECTIVE in WHAT you wish for! Ask and you shall receive!

4. Walk in YOUR light. Man, there’s so much light out here and if you’ve found it, take it into the darkest abyss you can find and brighten it up! Of course, the key is to focus on you and what you need to manifest your desires, but don’t tell someone to walk in THEIR light; It’s almost selfish (except for when it isn’t, lol). But usually when I hear the expression, I see a red flag and immediately think: superiority complex, which screams insecurity. Help your brothers and sisters, build them up and as you climb to the top, lend a helping hand or a flashlight. Tell them to find THE light, walk in it and FLOURISH!

Be a blessing to someone, share your light and help others find THE light as well; there’s plenty to go around!

With love,


2 thoughts on “Walk in THE Light!

  1. Oh, how I adore! This is encouraging and astounding harmoniously! You are a gift darling and I love your light and inspiration. Keep sharing your thoughts and wisdom! Xoxo


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