📷: WilliamJ.

📷: WilliamJ.

Good day, friends! My first post is dedicated to letting you know a little bit about me, what I do and what I represent! I am an artist who strives for excellence in all that I do. I’ve realized that art is one of the most important aspects of life; It is our duty to create! Here’s a simple equation, ART = LOVE, and everyone knows that love is the key! We all have passions that serve as connectors to this world, MUSIC and FASHION are my mine. My destiny lies in the pursuit of these arts. As a native Detroiter, I am dedicated to continuously pushing the city back to the top in my own way, showing the world that Detroit and it’s people are as fine as they come!


I am a performing artist! You will see me playing the flute around the city at various spots for a wide range of events. I’ve performed at Macy’s in the Somerset Collection, The Russell Trade Center, Detroit Historical Museum and many other venues in the city! I am dedicated to showing the world how the flute can be played outside of the classical realm. Although classical music is my first love and I appreciate the training I have received throughout school, I know that there’s a new genre inside of me that I am working towards releasing each and every day! Book me for an event!


Fashion has been a significant part of my world before I arrived on planet Earth. As a young boy, I always wanted to stay clean and I never wanted my clothing to be out of place. I learned how to iron my own clothes at the age of 10 and I’ve been steaming and pressing ever since! Previously, I worked as a Visual Merchandiser at Macy’s in Tallahassee, FL (Governor Square Mall) and Troy, MI (The Somerset Collection). I was responsible for floor layout, mannequin styling (Ready-to-Wear women’s fashion) and all visual aesthetics. In addition to Macy’s, I have styled many people, to include, Miss Monique and bevlove.

Catch Me Around Town.

I am on a mission to take Detroit by storm! You’ll be seeing a lot more of WilliamJ! Stay Tuned for more posts about music, fashion, life and any cool discoveries!

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One thought on “WilliamJ. Takes Detroit!

  1. William, Please send me your mailing address. Your efforts on our behalf were extensive and appreciated. Our Board would like to send an honorarium to make some amends for your efforts.

    Tom Ulrich


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